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Light & Dark Brands Model Evolution - Notebook

Light & Dark Brands Model Evolution

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Light & Dark Brands is evolving into a community platform for conscious consumers to find brands to support with their business. And share what you know about brands you have experience with so that others can do the same. Community members will rate brands on a Light or Dark spectrum based on their opinion of the brand being good or bad*. I intend this to be a simple thumb flip left or right in a mobile app to make rating quick, easy and a little bit fun. Official criteria provided as a guide, developed from what I outline below. Brands…

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Light Brands - LightHouse inGloomy Night

The Criteria for a Light Brand

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What does it take to make a brand Light? Since publishing my Light & Dark brands manifesto I have received so much support and feedback I’m blown away. A friend introduced me B Corps and I’ve since read the book “The B Corp Handbook”. I was surprised I hadn’t heard of it, but encouraged to see momentum growing for conscious brands.I recommend you take a look at the application process to become a certified B Corp as it will get you thinking more consciously about your own brand. While this is a great foundation, I feel the criteria misses some…

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Light And Dark Brands

It’s time for Light brands to shine!

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There is a groundswell afoot. Greed is no longer a good enough reason for a brand solely to be in business. It’s time for a change. It’s time to celebrate Light brands, and for those brands in the grey to come out of the darkness and into the light! Brand is not just the logo or sound of the word. It is the promise it sells, the way it conducts business, the vision and purpose of those who drive it, and where the money goes. It is this brand, the business as a whole, to which Light & Dark refers….

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Purpose Driven Branding

Started with my WHY, here’s where it’s lead me!

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There is a groundswell for real change afoot. I feel it and know others feel it too. So much has changed for me in the last year, lead by my defining my true purpose. It’s become a deal breaker for me to work only with businesses and people with a positive purpose, life’s too short for anything less. Positive Change Agents I’m talking about positive products, services and culture driven by a vision that is about more than just profitability. Those with helping people and the planet at their core. It goes without saying, they provide awesome value to their…

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Is It Time For A Brand Change?

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Prospects make 60 per cent of the buying decision without even engaging with anyone at your company. Today, your most important sales employee is your branding. This is because prospects make 60 per cent of the buying decision without even engaging with anyone at your company. This means they are making critical judgements purely based on what they see, which is your branding and marketing. So it’s time to start thinking about branding in this context. When you reread these points with your branding in mind, thinking about your website, business card, brochures, signage, social, advertising and anything else that’s…

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Is It Time To Fire Your Sales Rep?

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Would you fire your sales rep if they: Show up to potential client meetings dressed poorly or inappropriately Confuse or offend prospects with mixed messaging, or say things that are completely irrelevant Make your prospects think you provide a product or service that’s completely different to what you do Give the impression that you are cheap or inferior quality offering Make such a poor impression that they drive your prospects to your competition? If you are like me, the answer would be YES, in a heartbeat! And in getting rid of that employee you’d be saving yourself hundreds of thousands…

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cat marketing channels

What Marketing Channels Are Right For Your Business?

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You know the who, you know the why, now it’s time for the where. Knowing who your best buyers are and what motivates them to buy will define your marketing messages. Working out where to position those messages completes the ROI marketing recipe. In my first post of this series we addressed why knowing who your best buyers are is the key to driving your profit. We want to start by focusing your marketing efforts and dollars where there is the greatest return. In part two, we looked at buyer motivation centred messaging. This meant candid interviews are needed to…

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Marketing: It’s All About Them, Not YOU!

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How to Become an Expert on Your Buyers You’re at an event and someone jumps up with their phone and shoots a group photo with you and everyone else in it. When they post it on Facebook, who is the person you look at first? We look at ourselves of course, because when it boils down, everything is ultimately about us. So where do you think your customer is looking in the group shot they are in? What’s more important to your customer, you, or herself? That’s where many of us get marketing wrong. We focus on what we believe…

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Get Maximum ROI

How To Get Maximum ROI on Your Marketing Spend

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Originally published in Kochie’s Business Builders July 28, 2015, 1:50 pm by Luke Faccini  Three easy steps to identify which customers to focus on. Who are your juicy red customers?   In most businesses there are customers who buy your most profitable product or service repeatedly and over a long time span. These are your juicy red customers, because like ripe fruit, they hold the sweetest juice for your business and they’re beneficial in more ways than just profit. These customers are your raving fans, meaning they actively generate new business for you. They cost you less to acquire as…

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Luke's True Purpose

Defining My True Purpose

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Hi, Luke Faccini here and in this short video I bare my soul so you can feel the place I am coming from. Alternately you can read the post below, enjoy… I grew up in a humble working class home in the Sydney suburb of Kingsgrove with three siblings, I the second eldest. I felt creativity was always a strength for me as I got such satisfaction from making all kinds of things, from Lego as my toy of choice as a child, through to jump ramps and forts and all manner of teenage handy work. Remember when play as…

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