is my Purpose

Luke Faccini

Luke Faccini is founder and chief brand storyteller at The Sponge.

He was born and raised in Sydney Australia, and one of four siblings. Now living in Brisbane he has three children of his own.

Since starting his professional brand design journey in 1999 he has been able to help thousands of people put their brand on the map. He foolheartedly started his own business right out of college, and has learned what it takes to grow a business.

While beginning as a trained graphic designer, the entrepreneurial leap took him on a path of transformation. He experienced first hand the impact that purpose and values has in business. And the connection to brand story. This lead him to become a Cultural Transformation Tools Consultant with Barrett Values Center, which has further shaped The Sponge into a business he is truly proud of.

Having had a purpose moment that transformed his outlook on business, on Jan 1 2017 The Sponge obtained the B Corp certification. He is a firm believer that business can and should be a force for good.

His purpose is to Help Good Businesses Become Better Brands. By all means necessary! Including through the writing of books.

Luke loves talking branding, good business and changing the world. Whether that be on stage, in print, workshops or one-on-one.

You are invited to start a conversation today.