Chapter List For My Book – Day 6 Blog A Book in 21 Days

It’s the morning of Day 6.  With some writing done last night, I am now recollecting my thoughts on chapters and content briefly before I do the next block.


Thought it might be beneficial to share the outline for the content and chapters now. I invite you to comment on what you dislike, like, or feel is missing.


Content Outline

Advanced Warning: These are very likely to change frequently through the writing of the book.


  • Doing Good is Good Business
    • What is Good business?
    • Why now?
    • Movements (B Corp, Conscious Capitalism, B1G1 etc)
  • Personal vs Business
    • Bringing Your Good Self to Work
  • Brand Story and Storytelling
    • Why it works?

Part I:

  • Why You Suck At Storytelling
    • The Curse of Knowledge
    • Don’t know how to talk about yourself
    • Don’t want to upset or exclude anyone
    • The Unvocalised written word
  • The Millennial Concept/Challenge
    • Self Determination / Entitlement to choose meaning
  • Impact Model
    • Be the Change
  • Brand Story
    • Formula
    • Impact Brand Story Advantage
  • Be the Story
    • Authenticity or Death (slow and painful?)
  • Part I – Key Takeaways/Actions

Part II:

  • Brand Story Framework
    • Vision
      • Being Visionary
      • Statement
    • Values
      • Team alignment
      • Core/Espoused Values
    • Purpose
      • You & Your Brand
      • Formula
    • Impact
      • What do you do
      • Why should I care
    • Customer
      • Core Customer
      • Persona
    • Offer
      • Specific Problem You Solve
      • Experience of using your products and end results
    • Customer Experience
      • Mapping the journey
      • Emotional connection
    • Core Story
      • Tagline/USP
      • Personality
      • Tone
      • Impact Story
      • Brand Promises
      • Key Differentiator
    • Mission Alignment
      • How to tie everything together so it works
  • Part II – Key Takeaways/Actions

Part III:

  • Putting it to work:
    • Storytelling
      • Quick, Everywhere Now!
      • It’s always personal
      • Brand Design & Collateral
      • Content Marketing
      • Social Media
    • Language framework
      • Empower your team to self correct
    • Pervasiveness
      • All Leadership, All Teams, All Systems
    • Recruitment
      • Values, Purpose & Impact alignment (or bye bye).
    • Culture of Storytelling
      • Induction
      • Continuous Celebrate
    • Mission Alignment
      • Pitfall spotting
  • Part III – Key Takeaways/Actions


Part IV:

  • Case Studies (Big)
    • To Be Defined
  • Case Studies (Up and Coming)
    • To Be Defined
  • What not to do:
    • To Be Defined
  • Part IV – Key Takeaways/Actions


And that’s where it stands at Day 6. I invite you to comment below. Next up for me is to pick something from above and start writing!

EDIT: Good day today! At end of day I have posted an additional blog post taking one of the points and producing 500 words. Check it out here

Warmly, Luke


I'm Luke Faccini, a brand storyteller and strategist in Brisbane Australia.

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My purpose is Helping Good Businesses Become Better Brands.

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