Day 19 of 21 – The Home Stretch?

Got sucked into the research vortex last night and forgot to post!

So here is a quick update: All the chapters of the book are written. Not sure where I am at with word count now. Guessing it is around the  12,000. With the remains it should be a jam packed 15,000.

I have intended on creating a book with all meat and no filler. One you can consume in a couple of hours and set about implementing.

Two things remain:

  1. Inspirational Brand Story Stacks for successful impact organisations (case studies).  This is where I got lost reading last night. (Patagonia has such a long and amazing history!)
  2. Prologue and Epilogue

What I have realised is that when I made my commitment to write the book by the end of the year, I made a counting error. There was 22 days, not 21. So I have a spare! This may work to my advantage given the case studies. I want them to be awesome.

Here’s what my template for the Brand Story Stack case studies looks like.

While writing I have been referencing an Appendix. I have resolved to create a downloadable resource for the book instead. This way the case studies can be expanded and the other material updated too.

After I finish the content by midnight 31st of December this year, next comes the edit of course. The advice from the book I have been working from says to step away from the content for a week before edit. So that is what I have been planning to do.


I am blogging my book writing by the end of this year.

Follow my journey and hold me accountable.

Warmly, Luke





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