Day 9 of 21 days blogging my book – Brand Story Introduction

Day 9 – Writing the Brand Story Introduction

Journal: Today my incredible right hand Jess, a budding author, editor and translator volunteered to edit my writing so long as I mention her in the book. Deal!

What this means is that if we follow the process we did today the editing will be done sooner than I had planned. Editing is NOT meant to be done while in the writing phase (my 21 day goal), because it slows the process dramatically. To a screeching halt.

With Jess editing my raw blog posts the following day, we will be ready for a final read through and reorder on the 2nd Jan.

Today I asked a good question. Who would I want for the foreword of this book? And then how long would it take to get that part sorted?

Don’t want to slow the process.

Alright enough naval gazing. On with the writing!

Remember – this is yet to have Jess review and edit. You are reading the raw version now. Headings are definitely going to need a rethink lol!


Why Storytelling is King

Humans are born wired for story. We crave them because they allow us to relate to the plot, sympathize with the characters and lessons learned.

Story teaches us concepts, relates messages and helps illustrate a point better than facts.

When story resonates for us, with language and values we share or aspire to we cannot forget. Statistics and feature less so. After a presentation, recall of was 63% for story and only 5% for statistics.


A Case for Brand Storytelling

On a day like today, in a place very much like this, a founder a lot like you – is stressing.

Their business isn’t performing like it ought to. Even though it has an amazing offer that delivers incredible value for every customer.

Sales are tough. Painstaking. Marketing and advertising are not producing leads as they’d like. Or the right kind! Seems like nothing works.

Sound familiar?

A block away there is a great brand who really understand the different intricate levels of problems their best customers have.

They’ve aligned with their customers, empathizing and connecting with them meaningfully. They’ve demonstrated they care and deliver an exceptional customer experience at every encounter.

They authentically engage customers in the impact they are creating together. Customers feel really understood, involved and loved. And these customers love them back.

Every piece of marketing and brand collateral tells this story loud and clear. It is a beautiful thing. And new customers flock to them.

Does this version sound familiar?

The difference between these is a deep, deliberate and awesomely crafted brand story.


What is Brand Story?

Your brand is telling a story right now, whether you have  deliberately crafted it, or not.

It is what people read into your messaging, how you frame your offer, and how you conduct business.

So many elements feed into brand story.

In essence it is the underlying story thread, or narrative that spans your entire customer journey. It’s in the language you use, published and verbal, your design, attitude and behaviour. Everything!

Some common problems for brands is trying to appeal to too many, very different, buyers and then appeal to none in the process. Or they don’t stop to think about how they are being perceived.

Many don’t even consider their buyers perspective. And construct self indulgent, gobbledygook riddled stories that nobody can connect with. Not even their staff!


The Art of Brand Story Crafting

The purpose of this book is to help you craft an awesome brand story. In part II we walk you through the Brand Story Framework.

The process is simple. But that does not mean it is easy!

We will help you get clear on the big three foundation stones first:

  1. Who you are as a brand
  2. What your impact is
  3. Who your customer is.

Then we guide you through bridging the gap between who you are as a brand and who your best customers need you to be. So you can create real, massive, positive impact and healthy profits.

Here’s how bridging that gap with authentic story increases your impact.


Sponge Story Bridge Diagram


What Storytelling Does

The new brand story you create will be for your customers and team to adopt as their own. To love, remember and retell.

Your brand story will help your customers and team do one of two things (which they want consciously, or subconsciously):

  1. Change their current status – to elevate them to who they aspire to be.
  2. Confirm their current status – to help them live up to who they believe they are. 

Get ready to change the world. Faster!


End session. 592 words this one (not counting the words in the diagram). Hit the target 😉

Follow my journey as I write this book in 21 days.
Share your comments and thoughts with me.

Warmly, Luke


I'm Luke Faccini, a brand storyteller and strategist in Brisbane Australia.

I help conscious business people articulate and tell their authentic brand story to connect with their tribe. I love branding, business, and people with purpose.

My purpose is Helping Good Businesses Become Better Brands.

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