Why You Suck At Storytelling – Day 5 of Blog My Book in 21 days

It’s Friday night and I could not be arsed writing! That was an hour ago… Damn this 21 day challenge. Cannot fail! So I wrote. I took one of the chapters that I was not too comfortable with. And gave it a shot. Glad I did. It is a bit rough, but it is good. Editing comes at the end of the 21 days. So hold your moaning. My goal is to make this book ridiculously easy to read. For that I am writing it at a grade 6 readability level. I am a big fan of Hemingway Editor to help with this. And this first chunk has been written directly in it. Check out tonight’s effort. This chunk will [click to continue…]

Day 4 of 21 Why am I writing a book and who is it for?

Day 4 and I have had some pretty powerful realisations. I was starting to feel concerned as I contemplated the chapters for this project. Now it is all pretty clear after focusing on three things: Why I am writing this book Who it is for, specifically What result I want to help them achieve. Pretty simple. And the chapter outline has revealed itself to me. I am however sitting here fighting my eye lids. Why am I writing this book? I speak to many founders with awesome businesses who are struggling to get the growth they crave. They are great when put in front of the right potential customer, but that’s where it ends. The passion and conviction they have [click to continue…]

Day 3 of 21 Day Blog a Book – What on earth am I going to write about?

Today I am going to start with what I am intending for Day 3. Publish it. Then add to it at the end. Big day ahead. Including two Christmas parties. Keeping this deadline will be challenging! Last night I made a video testimony and put it out to my contacts via LinkedIn. No going back now! ha! Some wonderful messages of support coming through. And questions! Especially WHY I am writing the book. Great question. I will answer that one tomorrow 🙂 I’ve been thinking of my TOC (Table of Contents). Feeling a little overwhelmed by all the research yesterday. I’ve done what what Michael Rogen says. Spent time in the Kindle store reading through TOCs of other books in [click to continue…]

Day 2 of Blog a Book in 21 days

Today my focus has been on who this book is for. Even more importantly, who it is not. I’ve been researching books in the spaces that I am considering (yep, day two and still not fixed on the direction). What I have seen is there is an appetite for Brand Storytelling, and Conscious Business. Three conversations today have been quite serendipitous for this stage. One is a prospect I have been dancing with who seemed to get the concept of having a positive social/environmental impact AS WELL AS making a healthy profit. Seemed to. The managing direct was nodding intently during the initial video conference. It is a prerequisite for becoming a client of mine. Not the nodding. The intention [click to continue…]

21 Days Left This Year And I am Going to Write A Book Before It’s Over

Three full weeks until New Years. Arguably the busiest time of the year. Why not ice the Christmas cake and write a book too? Better make a commitment here so I cannot turn back! My Book Writing Journal Begins! 6 days ago I made a commitment to write the book I’ve been thinking about. I was at a breakfast where we were walked through the decisions to become a black belt thought leaders. With a program already in the market, a book is already part written in me and I feel no compulsion to shell out 27.5K to be pushed to do it. As an avid reader and self study, Google and Audible led me to a compact and well [click to continue…]

I Moved to Brisbane (Yes Really!)

Sitting here, in the cool breeze. On my first floor deck. Listening to the leaves in the trees swaying metres from me. Enjoying the warmth of the sun on my legs. I’m sipping a hot single origin from Burundi, extracted moments ago from the freshly roasted beans that arrived on my doorstep earlier this week. It feels like I could be anywhere. I am living in Brisbane. Only weeks ago home was Sydney. As it has been since birth. Why move here? It’s a question I’m getting good practice at answering since making the seemingly quick decision 5 months ago. And up and leaving Sydney in March. There are lots of factors I have mentioned in response. Less traffic (hindsight [click to continue…]

Join A New Community Of Changemakers

I want share a little idea with you.   See if you and I align in values. And if we do, this little idea may be a good fit for you.   Before you ask, it’s won’t cost you money   If you don’t yet know what I am about. My purpose is to help good people do more good. I do it through awesome branding and brand storytelling.   The Sponge is my company. We’re a purposeful branding and marketing agency on a mission to do just that. Help good businesses do more good.   There’s a growing wave of conscious business that we are proud to be a part of. Testiment to this, we’re a Certified B Corp [click to continue…]

Tony Robbins’ Rapid Planning Method (RPM) Software Hacks

Hacking Robbins Rapid Planning Method (RPM) digitally with (almost) free tools Asana & Google Calendar Pssst… If you believe that your business is a force for good, check out my edit at the end of this post? ~Luke I am a Tony Robbins fan. I was exposed to the Time Of Your Life program early this year and love RPM (Results, Purpose, MAP [Massive Action Plan]). Full respect and credit where it is due, that’s to the big man himself. Thank you Tony. With my focus on digital technology VS a paper system. I was challenged as to how I would implement RPM into my life. Searching the web for software to run RPM was fruitless and admittedly I wasted far [click to continue…]

Started with my WHY, here’s where it’s lead me!

There is a groundswell for real change afoot. I feel it and know others feel it too. So much has changed for me in the last year, lead by my defining my true purpose. It’s become a deal breaker for me to work only with businesses and people with a positive purpose, life’s too short for anything less. Positive Change Agents I’m talking about positive products, services and culture driven by a vision that is about more than just profitability. Those with helping people and the planet at their core. It goes without saying, they provide awesome value to their customers too. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for making profits. Profit is reward for value which I am a [click to continue…]

What Marketing Channels Are Right For Your Business?

You know the who, you know the why, now it’s time for the where. Knowing who your best buyers are and what motivates them to buy will define your marketing messages. Working out where to position those messages completes the ROI marketing recipe. In my first post of this series we addressed why knowing who your best buyers are is the key to driving your profit. We want to start by focusing your marketing efforts and dollars where there is the greatest return. In part two, we looked at buyer motivation centred messaging. This meant candid interviews are needed to truly understand their problems, triggers around the purchase, and the language they use. This in turn makes marketing more relevant [click to continue…]

Marketing: It’s All About Them, Not YOU!

How to Become an Expert on Your Buyers You’re at an event and someone jumps up with their phone and shoots a group photo with you and everyone else in it. When they post it on Facebook, who is the person you look at first? We look at ourselves of course, because when it boils down, everything is ultimately about us. So where do you think your customer is looking in the group shot they are in? What’s more important to your customer, you, or herself? That’s where many of us get marketing wrong. We focus on what we believe the reasons our products or services are so valuable. We focus on all the reasons that we think customers should [click to continue…]

How To Get Maximum ROI on Your Marketing Spend

Originally published in Kochie’s Business Builders July 28, 2015, 1:50 pm by Luke Faccini  Three easy steps to identify which customers to focus on. Who are your juicy red customers?   In most businesses there are customers who buy your most profitable product or service repeatedly and over a long time span. These are your juicy red customers, because like ripe fruit, they hold the sweetest juice for your business and they’re beneficial in more ways than just profit. These customers are your raving fans, meaning they actively generate new business for you. They cost you less to acquire as you aren’t continually replacing them, and with the right customer experience strategy, require minimal resources to keep. On the flip [click to continue…]

Defining My True Purpose

Hi, Luke Faccini here and in this short video I bare my soul so you can feel the place I am coming from. Alternately you can read the post below, enjoy… I grew up in a humble working class home in the Sydney suburb of Kingsgrove with three siblings, I the second eldest. I felt creativity was always a strength for me as I got such satisfaction from making all kinds of things, from Lego as my toy of choice as a child, through to jump ramps and forts and all manner of teenage handy work. Remember when play as a kid meant getting outside and doing stuff? In my Tweens and Teens life got interesting to say the least, [click to continue…]