Started with my WHY, here’s where it’s lead me!

Purpose Driven Branding

There is a groundswell for real change afoot. I feel it and know others feel it too.

So much has changed for me in the last year, lead by my defining my true purpose. It’s become a deal breaker for me to work only with businesses and people with a positive purpose, life’s too short for anything less.

Positive Change Agents

I’m talking about positive products, services and culture driven by a vision that is about more than just profitability. Those with helping people and the planet at their core. It goes without saying, they provide awesome value to their customers too.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for making profits. Profit is reward for value which I am a huge advocate of, and essential to thrive and do more good. It is for these businesses I enjoy realigning their and story.

Mind the Gap!

A gap between the brand and customers forms as the many changes occur in the market. As years tick by the gap widens. Technology, trends, competition, market, product or service changes, not to mention brand name and identity issues, all add to this misalignment gap.

The misalignment leads to misconceptions being made about the brand. Ultimately this means slower and lower profit sales. The business isn’t necessarily failing, more that sales tend to be more difficult to close than they should. That’s where I add the most value.

Realigning Brands

I help realign brands to create raving fans by rediscovering their rich authentic brand story and telling it in a way that resonates with their best customers. Once that’s crafted everything becomes clearer, like a mountain coming into focus through a lens, because you know where to point and adjust your focus to.

All brand execution from that point on is driven by the freshly crafted brand story. Whether the business requires a complete rebrand or a brand refresh, a print or digital marketing campaign, new website or content strategy, it’s all underpinned by the brand story. It drives all marketing and creative so every piece pulls together in unison in the same direction, and all resonates with your best customers.

My Kind of People

Typically I work with businesses that are more that 10 years old (some over 100, start-ups a rare exception) with great people and decisive leadership, and a brand that’s experiencing misalignment. I’m industry agnostic as the process is the same (so long as the business does genuine good). It makes little difference whether it’s construction, fitness, health, retail, manufacturing, financial services, architectural, coffee, automotive, and events to mention a few I’ve helped. Ultimately there is a person on the other end of a deal with a mind and heart who is making a decision. That means there is an opportunity to tell a compelling story that resonates with them and positions you as the only real choice.

Lighter, Faster, Stronger!

The business model I’ve implemented recently is both lightweight and agile. It is completely remote with a workforce of awesome people across the globe, collaborating through technology. This means there are no inflated agency overheads and the results are produced by the right team of talented people wherever they are, at the right time, for a price that brings a smile to your face.

The team I keep around me are weapons. From strategists and brand storytellers, to creatives, artists and producers, and copywriters to developers. Whatever the project requires, it’s delivered with excellence, on brand and within budget.

Call Out to Like Minds

I’m looking to align with more like minds (and souls) and if this resonates with you I’d love to schedule a call to talk about what’s going on for you.  



I’m Luke Faccini, a brand storyteller and strategist in Sydney Australia.

I work with entrepreneurial business people across a variety of industries and the world, to develop Story Rich Branding that resonate in the hearts and minds of your best buyers. Ultimately I realign brands to create raving fans.

To find out what drives me, take a look at this post where I bare my soul and share my true purpose. If you would like your brand to tell a richer story, I would love to talk to you, start a conversation via


I'm Luke Faccini, a brand storyteller and strategist in Brisbane Australia.

I help conscious business people articulate and tell their authentic brand story to connect with their tribe. I love branding, business, and people with purpose.

My purpose is Helping Good Businesses Become Better Brands.

Want to know how easy it is to be healthy and full of energy?

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