Started with my WHY, here’s where it’s lead me!

There is a groundswell for real change afoot. I feel it and know others feel it too. So much has changed for me in the last year, lead by my defining my true purpose. It’s become a deal breaker for me to work only with businesses and people with a positive purpose, life’s too short for anything less. Positive Change Agents I’m talking about positive products, services and culture driven by a vision that is about more than just profitability. Those with helping people and the planet at their core. It goes without saying, they provide awesome value to their customers too. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for making profits. Profit is reward for value which I am a [click to continue…]

Defining My True Purpose

Hi, Luke Faccini here and in this short video I bare my soul so you can feel the place I am coming from. Alternately you can read the post below, enjoy… I grew up in a humble working class home in the Sydney suburb of Kingsgrove with three siblings, I the second eldest. I felt creativity was always a strength for me as I got such satisfaction from making all kinds of things, from Lego as my toy of choice as a child, through to jump ramps and forts and all manner of teenage handy work. Remember when play as a kid meant getting outside and doing stuff? In my Tweens and Teens life got interesting to say the least, [click to continue…]