Defining My True Purpose

Hi, Luke Faccini here and in this short video I bare my soul so you can feel the place I am coming from.

Alternately you can read the post below, enjoy…

I grew up in a humble working class home in the Sydney suburb of Kingsgrove with three siblings, I the second eldest. I felt creativity was always a strength for me as I got such satisfaction from making all kinds of things, from Lego as my toy of choice as a child, through to jump ramps and forts and all manner of teenage handy work. Remember when play as a kid meant getting outside and doing stuff?

In my Tweens and Teens life got interesting to say the least, with early deaths, illnesses, and forced independence. Transformative? Yes. Positive? Not so sure. Although I would not be who I am today without all my life experiences.

Finding graphic design at 23, after spending years of adrift as barista, bartender, door to door phone contract salesman, laborer and other non-satisfying roles, was the beginning of a career for me. Do you get the feeling of goosebumps on your cheeks when you know you are where you meant to be? I felt that in design college. I was still on cruise control though.

Tipping point

When I held my daughter Annabelle, only seconds after being born, with her quietly staring up at me, with her “been here before eyes” not crying, I was entranced. I knew right then that I had to become someone, to transform my world and create a legacy that she would be proud of.

I began my transformation, feeding my mind and soul with a vast array of knowledge to evolve my spirit, my beliefs, my skills, both personally and in business.

Physically I transformed, from unhealthy, overweight smoker, to a lean mean health machine.

Mentally and Spiritually I transformed to who I am today, with strong moral and ethical conviction, and who I continue to be. Doing this meant shifting away from people and places that no longer fit. This has brought much sorrow and learnings.

It’s also enabled me to find my true love. The person I never dreamed existed. My soulmate, my twin flame in transformation. Life has such sweetness for me now I have found my wife. We don’t need each other, we choose each other. It’s a beautiful thing that I wish for everyone. Thank you Johanna, I love you.

Luke And Johanna Wedding Bliss

My daughter turns 13 this year, and while it pains me to share that presently I do not see her, or my son Anthony. I have faith that over time that too will transform.

An entrepreneur at heart, I’ve been involved with many businesses, mostly in the driver’s seat, and they all focus on transformation. From weight loss where it was transforming bodies and minds for health, to The Sponge, where it’s transforming your brand and story to align with your purpose. I continue to transform the way we serve, our processes and the depth of what we do.

Lofty Goal

Transformation is my purpose, and I am determined to contribute on a mass scale. I intend to take what I know to make change where it is needed most, at the roots. My goal is 100 orphanages with farms. Teaching kids to be self sustaining and eat healthfully, counter to the global obesity epidemic, and as a result, transforming communities and 1000s of lives. I am positive there will be much transformation for me through this.

To drive this vision I am focusing solely on The Sponge and delivering brand transformations on a global scale through our new programs. By helping businesses transform, lives and communities will be transformed. That makes me get those goose bumps on my cheeks.

Thank you for allowing me to bare my soul and share my purpose. I hope in some way it transforms you. If you feel my passion then perhaps we are meant to talk. I’d love to speak to you if you are so inspired.


I'm Luke Faccini, a brand storyteller and strategist in Brisbane Australia.

I help conscious business people articulate and tell their authentic brand story to connect with their tribe. I love branding, business, and people with purpose.

My purpose is Helping Good Businesses Become Better Brands.

Want to know how easy it is to be healthy and full of energy?

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2 responses to “Defining My True Purpose”

  1. dana says:

    Luke, Bravo on a superb story! I can relate to losing siblings (all + parents + a fiance + a breast + past music partner, etc)
    but, organizing a state or/& gov. funded orphanage/farm/school has been one of my American retirement dreams for a while !
    I know I have to give an employer or 2 another 5 yrs to retire to – affording the luxury of philanthropy, but it is inspiring to know that I am not the only one that feels – there has to be a change in the way a peopled ‘body of government’ operates from the root economic level.
    In High School, I learned our government was built on racism and it wasn’t because my teacher was black. Years earlier, I and a sibling were tortured in a park by 6 adult blacks a couple hours before Martin Luther King was assassinated. I learned then that
    something was not right in society at large. I spent a year in an orphanage while my parents were divorcing when I was raised by black maids before that. The point is, all our stories are not much different but while we are all politically rooted – no matter the geographic area. I believe our country would be better off part socialist. Or at least where education – especially Higher Ed needs to be mandatory, free, and free of all red tape which is grossly restricting to get it for free by begging for scholarships. For what? So we can compete and have alot of consumerism take over our more restricted now – political root. Our education system is meeting now – the prediction that it will simply crumble. Universities are closing prolifically.
    I tried testing the water of social initiative possibility w/o – as a non-profit which, (is another red tape begging trap) and wrote a senator whom never responded. I was not surprised.
    So to end the vent anyway, there is so much one can do with resources at hand. And depending on one’s ability to get educated = access to arts grants at least to help only a few with any initiative. It doesn’t surprise me either how terrorism provides our youth with more of a sense of purpose than our fading flag(s). This is why I am too tired to; blog, fight something alone bigger than me
    and keep faith that I will be able to commit later to a humane human rescue. peace, and prayers for your serious role Mr Faccini.

    • Luke Faccini says:

      Thanks Dana for sharing your story with me. You have had it much harder than me. I too believe the education system is flawed, essentially we are trained to be mindless consumers and compete for materialistic ends. It is positive to see that there are others who are willing to think differently and create change. Keep the faith Dana, peace and prayers for you too.
      Warmly, Luke.

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