Last Day! Writing is done.

It is NYE. I am done with the writing. All the content now awaits editing. As per the recommendations in the book I have been using as a guide I cannot touch it for a week. Distance makes it better. Apparently.

The process has been fun, challenging, rewarding, inspiring, and easier than I expected.

Thank you for following. Have an amazing 2019. Hopefully it will be a year of massive positive impact for your brand.

I will leave you with the last thing I have written. Sound wisdom:


How To Use This Book

A few years back, at a time when I was ridiculously busy, a mentor of mine shocked me. He gave me a 10 CD program and workbook and insisted I do it. 
I remember asking him if he was serious, as I didn’t have time for this. His answer was that is why I must do it!
I did. And it changed my world. In many ways.
One way is the method he proposed. He suggested I listen to the whole thing through once. And then go back and do the exercises knowing how the pieces fit together.
Genius! The big picture perspective changes everything. Context of how everything works together saves so much time having to repeat the work.
That’s what I recommend you do with this book. I am guessing you are no less busy!
Shall we begin your quest to change the world, you hell-bent founder you?


Warmly, Luke



I'm Luke Faccini, a brand storyteller and strategist in Brisbane Australia.

I help conscious business people articulate and tell their authentic brand story to connect with their tribe. I love branding, business, and people with purpose.

My purpose is Helping Good Businesses Become Better Brands.

Want to know how easy it is to be healthy and full of energy?

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