Dec 30 – One day to go – Prologue Time

One day to go. Today I spent a huge part of the day working on the impact brand story stack examples (case studies). Such inspiring businesses! Continue to be amazed by noble people around the world.

Two parts to go. Prologue (rough done below) and Epilogue, which I will handle in the morning. Feeling good about this book. Hope it helps many.


Prologue: Why You Need To Craft Your Impact Brand Story Now

Modern business has to have a purpose other than making money ~Blake Mycoskie, TOMS
Funny thing. I would have argued against that a decade ago. Ferociously.
Back then I was a brand cowboy. I’d help anyone who paid the money to build their brand and sell more of their wares. No matter the harm they caused, from supply chain through to disposal.
I never thought about the true cost of things. Until I watched a documentary called The True Cost. Fast fashion exposed. And the senseless deaths, and damage caused by corporate ignorance and greed.
Before it ended I was a changed man.
It set me on a journey of discovery. And I found my true purpose. Evolving The Sponge in the process, our brand story, and our brand story crafting process, for good.
My purpose: To Help Good Businesses Become Better Brands.
The evolution of The Sponge has been amazing. The right team has come together, united by values and shared purpose. It is what binds us. We are all fired up to help change the world, in our way. It is an awesome feeling to work with such a team.
The trouble was, I had no playbook to work from as a guide for developing our impact brand story. Heck, I had no idea what impact was! All I knew is that I was hell-bent on changing the world.
In the past we geared our brand story processes to Vision, Mission and Core Values. And Purpose, but in the Simon Sinek “WHY” way. Don’t get me wrong good brand stories were born. But not impact focused stories, and without impact, you miss the real human connection.
There was a lot of trial and error refining our process and brand. And a good two years. All for your gain.

Why You Need An Impact Brand Story

I have since met many great and noble founders who too are hell-bent on changing the world. The common problem I see time and again, is their brand story desperately need an impact overhaul!
Noble organisations struggle to get their message to the right people. In a way that cuts through the noise and resonates, connecting their hearts and minds to their brand.
They are finding it difficult to attract awesome talent. Because they are being perceived as something other than what they are. Without awesome talent, you miss out on growth, profits and impact.

It’s All About Real Human Connection.

Human connection happens much easier when the brand story has impact deeply rooted. With authenticity.
That’s the work that sets me on fire.
My team and I choose to work with businesses with a positive social or environmental impact. And generate healthy profits. Or the intent to embark on the journey to become such an organisation.
As an agency we can only help so many clients at any given time. And I want ALL founders hell-bent on changing the world to have a brand story that helps, not hinders their goals.
That’s why I wrote this book!
I want to show you the exact same Brand Story model I developed through trial and error for The Sponge. The same one we use with all our clients.
To help you find and tell your impact brand story. Anchored on a firm foundation that builds an awesome culture. And your tribe of die hard fans.

What You Will Learn In This Book

We will step through the framework together. You will learn about why now is the right time to do this work.
You will learn structures for your purpose statement and core values.
We will explore impact models so you can connect with what is important to your brand.
And of course, how to build your brand story.
Brand story is the bridge between who you are as a brand and who your customer needs you to be. You will have a deep understanding of how this works.
This book includes many inspiring impact brands as references. And more in the downloadable resources.
I have kept this book lean. All meat, no filler. Simple models wherever possible. My goal is that you can read it through in a sitting, understand the concept, and get on with the implementation.
Because that is what I want. You to succeed, with a brand story that builds your tribe of die hard fans.
Shall we begin your quest to change the world, you hell bent founder?


I'm Luke Faccini, a brand storyteller and strategist in Brisbane Australia.

I help conscious business people articulate and tell their authentic brand story to connect with their tribe. I love branding, business, and people with purpose.

My purpose is Helping Good Businesses Become Better Brands.

Want to know how easy it is to be healthy and full of energy?

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