Day 17 of 21 days Blogging my book

Boxing Day. Spent most of the day at Moogerah Dam with the family. Public holiday. Summer. Sun. Jetski. Nice combo.

And a bit of uneven sun tan.

This afternoon and evening I have written about 1500 words. That is picking up on last night’s writing and then the next part today. On track.

Here’s the first chunk:


Be Buyer Aware

When you can articulate a person’s problem better than they can. they unconsciously and automatically give you credit for knowing the solution.
~Wyatt Woodsmall
This is the almost magical space we want to play in. Because when we do, there are no real competitors. And the big secret is to get intimately acquainted with your best customer. Your juicy red core customer.

Who is Your Juicy Red Core Customer

You have to be brutal in discerning who these customers are. They make your business life a dream. And they are where you need to focus your marketing efforts.
These are the customers that you enjoy. They appreciate you, pay what you want, and are most aligned with your purpose, values and impact. And they are usually the most profitable for your business.
It’s a powerful step to focus on your juicy red core customer.
Apple have with the iPhone. With only 12% of global handset sales, they earn 87% of the total mobile profits. Samsung sells 20%, yet only receives 10% of total profits.
Who are your juicy red core customers?
This process of reflection often reveals redundant or costly products and services. And costly customers! Imagine what your organisation would be like in 5 years if you exchanged all the bad with more good.

Developing A Buyer Persona

Once you know who your best customers are, you need to get intimately acquainted with them. That means listening to what triggers them, their needs, motivations and more.
Flesh out a detailed buyer persona for them. Document the specific problem you solve for them using their terms. Be careful not to slip into industry language they don’t use.
You want to understand their pain points and the resources they turn to for the solution. The best way to get these insights is to interview buyers and non-buyers.
A quick Google search will give you dozens of free buyer persona templates. Hubspot has a great one to start with. (undecided whether to add ours as an appendix yet).
If you’re a new business without buyers then this becomes a theoretical exercise. Develop a series of personas (based on real people) and test.
Depending on your resources there are many ways to approach this. One is to create a series of Facebook and Google adverts with landing pages and lead capture forms.
Other ways are by conducting interviews, surveys, focus groups, and cold calling. Use whatever approach will get you the data you need, in an ethical and brand aligned way.

Customer Journey and Experience

Very rarely is a prospect ready to buy on first sight. We ought to have their journey mapped to give them the awesome experience they deserve while they ready themselves.
Using the Golden story flow as inspiration, think about your customer’s journey. Map them out from Just Found Your Brand, through to Solution Implemented.
For example, the journey only begins when someone lands on your website. Ideally you will provide a compelling offer, guide, or other resource, enticing them to join your list. Then you will nurture them via an email series that builds rapport and provides more value. As the awareness and relationship builds they buy.
You have the opportunity then to deepen the relationship with a customer induction. Show them all the good stuff, make them feel loved. Share with them the impact they contributing to. They will buy more and proclaim your glory to all who will listen.
Your customer’s journey may look very different to this. There are many paths.
Look at the key points in their journey and the different stages of awareness. What information do they need at each stage to move further towards your help?
At each of these points you want to give one compelling piece of value that helps them, wrapped in brand story.
Be real and aim to deepen the emotional connection. Then give them one action to take to progress. E.g. Download this. Book a call.
The more you know your best buyers, the better you can connect with them. This is often the best starting point.
That’s all for today. Got a few days to go and a few big blocks to write!
Follow my progress and keep me accountable.


I'm Luke Faccini, a brand storyteller and strategist in Brisbane Australia.

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